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  • The DaVinci Codex

    Inkletters ~ Volume 4

    The DaVinci Codex

    Did you ever wonder why Bill Gates purchased a Da Vinci notebook collection (Codex Leicester) for 30 Million? Well he is currently reselling it in its digital form to anyone with $20 bucks! [The largest set (Codex Atlanticus) is on free dis

  • Postalmoderism

    Inkletters ~ Volume 3


    Aaah ya... I made this word up too! But what else could describe, this all out infatuation with dystopia? This new generation romanticizes anarchy and mayhem... but if the truth be known, it wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell living

  • Sciencestitious

    Inkletters ~ Volume 2


    My word! No, literally... I made it up! But I needed a term that equated what was being taught in the scientific community, with what was actually being practiced. It seems there is a kind of superstition when it came to the infallibility of

  • Villainage

    Inkletters ~ Volume 1

    What is Villainage all about?

    Justan Inkletter uncovers over 40 words in 40 chapters, that have literally changed history! These words once meant integrity, skill and independence... but hav


Inkletters ~ Volumes 1-4

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